Cross Draft or Horizontal Flow Insulated Spray Booth (Pressurized with Air Make Up Unit or Non Pressurized without Air Make Up Unit)

Our design for this cross draft booth is consider about customer budget. If customer budget is tight at current time to reserve this booth, we recommended reserving this cross draft booth without air make up unit. Later this booth can be easily changed to full down draft booth if your budget is allowed to add an air make up unit. To give you a full down draft spray booth, we just need to change your front filter door with a solid front door and change your solid booth ceiling with filter ceiling.

Exhaust fan pulls in air at one end of the booth. The air goes into working chamber through a filter door or is pushed in through a pressurized input plenum (air make up unit)

The air flows parallel to the floor and passes though the working chamber to pick up the particulates. Then the air passes through a filter bank to capture the particulates and is 100% exhausted through exhaust duct and stack into the atmosphere.

For the best results, air make up unit should he used and booth positively pressurized.

Flexible Modular Design

  • The booth wall is completed with insulated panel. 2.3/4"(6cm) thickness, 3ply sandwich with Dual 8mm pre-painted steel skin, exterior and interior finishes
  • Width & length allowing for expansion from 26L x 14W x 10?to unlimited length
  • Drive Through or Solid Back
  • Custom engineered for special application
  • With or without pressurized input plenum (air make up unit)
  • Four fold main door with view glass, optional for drive through
  • Heater is indirect or direct fire with l8ga satin coat steel, exchanger 1 million BTU or over; 100,000 CFM, natural gas or propane burner, dual summer / winter temp control
  • 24?Tube axial non-sparking exhaust fan
  • Complete set of filter media

Exhaust System:

  • Exhaust two banks Andrea Filters
  • Sixteen 20" x 20" ssp. intake filters
  • 24" diameter exhaust fan, the rate is at 9,000 CFM (free air)
  • 20' long stack kit, including roof flashing
  • 1 24"weather damper
  • 2HP, 3ph 575V motor included and other types motor available on request. (Special voltage)