Semi Down Draft Insulated Spray Booth

Semi-Downdraft Spray Booth is the combination of cross and downdraft booths. Air is introduced to the booth through the ceiling. This input air may be introduced by the suction of the exhaust fan or it can be pressurized with air make up unit. For the best result, air make up unit should be used and booth positively pressurized.

Our Semi-Downdraft Spray Booth is custom designed to meet specific requirements of different customers.

The booth wall is completed with insulated panel. 2.3/4"(6cm) thickness, 3 ply sandwich with Dual 8mm pre-painted steel skin, exterior and interior finishes.


The Semi-Down Draft Spray Booth in this picture is special designed for the customer of Excallibur Woodworking & Furniture Ltd. In 36 Rivalda Rd. Toronto, Ont.

The dimension of the booth: 20 x 14x 10

The specialization of the design for this Semi-Downdraft Spray Booth is:

  • The booth is divided into booth A and booth B. A and B booth can work at same time to share the heated air from one air make up unit.
  • Booth A is working but Booth B is turned off or in return.
  • When Booth A or Booth B is working separately, by manipulating in the control panel, customer can easily control how much heated air into working chamber, 50% or 100% in order to save energy.