Paint Mixing Room (Insulated)

Our paint mixing room is designed to provide dust-free environments for coating preparation and mixing. The moving air transports particulates to filtration, moving out the harmful and dangerous evaporates out of the working area.

  • Mixing room is constructed with insulated wall panel. Fabric glass meets fire protection and un-explosion proof code.
  • Two overhead fluorescent light fixtures with 4 tubes
  • Air is dawn into the room filtered and exhausted with 1000CFM fan to ensure fresh air constantly circulating through the room.



Standard size & specifications:

    Length: 10'
    Depth: 7'
    Height: 7'

Extension size available: Customer size.

Each standard Paint Mixing Room (insulated) appliances including:

  • The panel metal sheet of mixing room is 1mm (2 sides), the insulation material is GF (Fiber-Glass)
  • One exhaust fan with the size of 12". The air is drawn into the room, filtered and exhausted with a 1000 - 3000 CFM fan and 1hp motor ensures fresh air constantly circulating through the room
  • The Mixing Room has one 3' wide door and is located on the front wall. It is sealed by closure in rubber compression gasket and fitted with a tempered safety glass observation window
  • Each Standard Mixing Room has two overhead standard sealed lights and each light has four tube bulbs

Customer size: any special size design and manufacture available.

Exhaust Fans

1-12" fan, the capacity 1,000 - 3,000 CFM for the Mixing Room 10' x 7' x7'.

  • Variable speed motor and controller (optional)
  • Air flow damper and controller
  • Electrical panel (optional)