Down Draft Insulated Spray Booth
This is our unique design for automotive, woodworking and industry use.

Fresh air is pulled into the system, heated to 80-160F, filtered and go through the working chamber, heating the painting finish. Once the air has passed through the working chamber, 90% air is pulled through filters and back to the air make up unit. The 10% air not returned to the air make up unit is filtered and exhausted directly into the atmosphere through ducting. Another 10% fresh new air is combined, reheated and returned to the working chamber.

This insulated full downdraft booth with the design of re-circulating system help to preserve resources; the working air is used over before its heat is lost.

This full down draft spray booth is used in conjunction with heated air make up unit. (Vertical air make up unit conjuncted with booth, horizontal unit for roof mounted).

Downdraft spray booth needs a pit to accept dry filter exhaust. A bar-type grating is laid over the pit. The booth can also be placed on an elevated platform to avoid pit constructions.

  • The booth wall is completed with insulated panel. 2.3/4.6cm) thickness, 3 ply sandwich with Dual 8mm pre-painted steel skin, exterior and, interior finishes.
  • Our designed standard size: 24L x 14W x 10H. The height, width and depth can be custom designed to meet specific requirements, for example, extension to truck booth and drive through.
  • Four fold main door with view glass, optional for drive through. One side service door.
  • Platform: Height of the base is 30cm. Floor is totally graded. Two ramps
  • Six side fluorescent light fixtures and ten fluorescent angle ceiling light fixtures.
  • Heater is indirect or direct fire with l8ga satin coat steel, exchanger 1.2 million BTU or over, 120,000 CFM, natural gas or propane burner, dual summer / winter temp control.
  • 24?Tube axial non-sparking exhaust fan.
  • Complete set of filter media.

Our Downdraft Spray Booth is the best choice if you require a superb finish.

Exhaust System:

  • Filter holders are galvanized.
  • Full ceiling SSP. Intake filters
  • 24" diameter exhaust fan, the rate is at 8,000 CFM (free air)
  • 20' long stack kit, including roof flashing
  • 1 weather damper
  • 2HP, 3ph 575V motor included and other types motor available on request. (Special voltage)

The finishing jobs with the heat, should be used the Air Make-up Unit, capacity from 8,000 CFM to 12,000 CFM.